How Do You Stack Up? Google Analytics Benchmarking (Beta)

Google Analytics added a new benchmarking feature that allows users to compare their sites performance to their industry benchmarks. There is a catch, in order for you to use the benchmarking feature you will need to share your data with everyone else, on a completely anonymous level of course.

If you were that kid on the playground that never liked to share with everyone, you will not get industry benchmarking data. But you will also be able to decide if you want to share your data with other Google products. For example, if you want to share data between your AdWords Conversion Optimizer product and Google Analytics, you can do so by opting in to share your data with Google.


To enable data sharing login into your Analytics account and on the ‘Analytics Settings’ click on the link next to your site profile name that reads "Edit Account and Data Sharing Settings."

You can access the data by clicking on "Visitors" after selecting a site profile and then on "Benchmarking (Beta)." Google said that the current list of "verticals and the quality of the data will likely grow as more and more customers enable this feature."

The reports available within the benchmarking feature includes visits, page views, pages/visits, bounce rates, average time on site and new visits.