CRM Integration

Last year I did a project that I eluded to but for good reasons could not talk about until now. I was stumbling when I came across this page about CRM integration. Usually it bothers me when a commercial site stumbles their own pages but this one intrigued me.

As I read their slogan “connect anything to anything” I began to think of the possibilities if I could really do such a thing. Then I hit Stumble! again.

A week later I had a client tell me about a delima they were having. They were generating huge flat text files from their CRM and importing them into their accounting software then exporting another text file from the accounting software for import into the CRM. Much of the time somwhere along in the process a file would get corrupted and they would have to start over. So I offered a possible solution who should be considered.

I found a few people who provided data integration tools (Informatica, Pervasive, Business Objects, etc) and hands down Pervasive had the most connectors and the lowest cost of ownership (yes, it was lower than the open source solutions).

To take it a step further I found the SAP integration page and the manufacturing company also integrated SAP into the mix giving them a level of business intelligence they never experienced in their 23 year history.

What does this have to do with Internet Marketing?

I would love to see someone integrate the Adwords API with any flavor of CRM they wish so that I can track my click all the way through the sales cycle. Hell, there are at least 20 application mashup projects that I would like to see, what about you?